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 Owner Applicators wanted for our new AquaPro Basement Waterproofing System.

If you are a general contractor, renovator or basement waterproofing specialist then we have a business opportunity that may interest you. Many of the homes you work on will have a problem with a damp or leaking basement. The general remedy is to install an internal drainage system and sump pump which can cost the homeowner thousands of dollars but does nothing to stop the water entering the basement – it just gives the water somewhere to drain to. Our highly successful line of Aqua-Stop products are applied to the interior walls or floor and they
STOP the water from entering the internal space - GUARANTEED. Aqua-Stop products are much more economical for the homeowner, and offer the applicator an easy to apply solution that will give you a VERY GOOD OPPORTUNITY to increase your business and your bottom line profit.

No major up-front investment is needed to secure an exclusive territory – the only requirement to become an AquaPro Professional is that you purchase enough material to fix just 4 basements! One in four homes with basements will have some type of ‘wet’ basement problem, and with 20+ million homes with basements in the U.S., the potential is enormous.

We are looking for AquaPro Owner/Applicators to establish territories and introduce the AquaPro Basement Waterproofing System to neighborhoods such as yours. You can operate your AquaPro business either full time or part time, this is entirely up to you. All we ask is that you complete at least 2 basements per month and we will provide you with the tools you need to find those TWO jobs….and many more. If for some reason at the end of 6 months you decide this business is not for you, no problem, we will buy back any unused product – this truly is a WIN-WIN opportunity.


Click to read more about the Aqua-Stop and Aqua-Block BB products, or call NOW for more information and to secure your own exclusive territory:



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