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Commercial and Residential Waterproofing  

Wet Basement? New Foundation?
Keep Water Out!

Advanced Waterproofing Technologies distributes environmentally friendly products for interior and exterior basement waterproofing. All waterproofing products are commercial grade but are designed for do-it-yourself ease of application.  
We can't stop the rain...
  But we CAN stop if from entering your basement!

Call toll free (866)788-9283 to speak with one of our waterproofing professionals about your specific problem.
  • The #1 call back for builders of new homes is leaking or damp basements.
  • 44% of new homes constructed have leaky, damp or musty basements after only 2 years.


  Big box stores sell roofing compounds as waterproofing. These products are not designed for below grade applications!

Remodellers, General Contractors & Waterproofers

Increase your business and profit margin by becoming an AquaPro dealer/applicator.

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Hot Deal on Eco-Flex Basement Waterproofing Membrane
Eco-Flex All Season
(not affected by freezing)

State of the art, non-toxic, solvent free ideal for ICF and poured foundations.

Easy to apply!


Save Money!

"This product works well and is easy to apply. We did our entire basement over the weekend and saved lots of money doing so!"

Dennis Campo/New Jersey

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Business is Growing!

Advanced Waterproofing Technologies is the Master Distributor for all Aqua Seal Products!!

New Distribution Regions are now open.


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Advantages of our Products

Waterproofing Drop All Products are 100% water-based and environmentally friendly with no concern for leaching toxins into the ground water or sub-surfaces.
Waterproofing Drop Cold Applied application no heating required US Greenbuilding Council


Insulating Concrete Form Association

Waterproofing Drop  Single Application no mixing required
Waterproofing Drop Vertical & Horizontal installations
Waterproofing Drop Non-Toxic
Waterproofing Drop Solvent Free
Waterproofing Drop Non-Flammable
Waterproofing Drop ICC Certified
Waterproofing Drop VOC Compliant
Waterproofing Drop 30 Year Product Warranty
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