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"Don't Live With A Leaky Basement Any Longer... Aqua-Stop It!"

Aqua-Stop Basement Waterproofing System


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leaky basement AQUA-STOP is a crystalline cementitious waterproof finish, that bonds to any concrete surface to form a water tight barrier, protecting against unwanted water penetration on interior or exterior surfaces. Highly effective for repairing wet basement walls and floors, AQUA-STOP can make even the wettest basement a dry livable space. With it's mix and use formulation, the ease of application can be simple and convenient for anyone.

AQUA-STOP is ideal for the home owner with a problem leaky basement. No need to spend thousands to make your problem go away, AQUA-STOP will do it easily and economically. Once treated, Aqua-stop will continue working for the life of the building! AQUA-STOP is Permanent!

Thinking of selling your house? Have a wet or damp basement? You will probably have to sell below market value if your basement is wet. But if you could cure the problem, and give the purchaser a guarantee of a permanently dry basement, then you sell for thousands more!

Basement waterproofing companies can charge you thousands (up to $30+ per linear foot!) to cure the problem, but all this can be done easily for the fraction of that price with our one step Do It Yourself Aqua-Stop basement waterproofing system. You don't have to pay thousands for an expensive basement waterproofing contractor, and you can apply the product ONLY to the area which needs to be fixed whenever it's convenient for You!

AQUA-STOP is not a coating or waterproof paint that just sits on the surface of the wall. It must be applied to bare concrete so that it can penetrate deep below the surface to stop water before it reaches the inside of the basement.



before basement waterproof

Water coming to the basement through the Concrete Wall

stop leaking basement

Aqua-Stop applied - water Stopped Permanently!


Aqua-Stop is not a coating, it becomes a permanent, integral part of the concrete.

AQUA-STOP basement waterproofing product is manufactured using high quality commercial grade materials, to ensure a strong, adhesive waterproofing, that can withstand extremely high hydrostatic pressures, (up to 200 psi) while still allowing the wall to breathe.

Also used for new construction, restorations or renovation projects, commercial and industrial projects, above grade exterior surfaces, water cisterns, swimming pools and ponds, retaining walls AQUA-STOP does it all.


Benefits of Aqua-Stop basement waterproofing system

  • Ready and very simple to use, just add to water, mix and apply.
  • Most economical Basement Waterproofing system on the market today
  • 1 Pail will cover approximately 300 sq. ft.
  • No Odor or Fumes
  • Interior or Exterior use
  • Permanent Treatment - will last the lifetime of the structure
  • Can be applied to damp or wet surfaces
  • Environmentally Friendly - can be used on potable water systems, fish ponds and swimming pools
  • Resistant to freeze-thaw
  • Can be applied to poured concrete and cement block foundations
  • Highly resistant to positive and negative hydrostatic pressure up to 200 psi!


Basement waterproofing the easy way

waterproofing basements
Brush supplied with product!