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Product Overviews

Basement Waterproofing Products (Exterior):

All exterior foundation products can be used on poured foundations, ICF , and EPS blocks. ECO-FLEX and GRAY COAT ALL SEASONS basement waterproofing products when applied forms a highly flexible monolithic waterproof membrane that prevents water intrusion, radon and other harmful gases. ECO- FLEX and GRAY COAT ALL SEASONS are easy to apply for the professional waterproofer as well as home owner do-it-yourselfer. "It's like pulling a rubber boot over your foundation."

ECO-FLEX Ready to use. No Priming Necessary. Vertical and horizontal application. Not only a waterproofing system but also a vapor barrier preventing the ingress of radon and other harmful gases.

ECO-FLEX All Season Not Affected by Freezing

Gray Coat All Season Formula With the same highly flexible liquid  rubber membrane system properties as our Eco-Flex but its Gray color means that there is no worry about unsightly overspray. The Gray Coat blends transparently with the concrete and can be applied in temperatures as low as 10 degrees F

Guardian Dampproofing- As with all of our products this state-of the-art dampproofing product is completely water-based providing safer installation for the applicator and harmful effects to the environment.



Basement Waterproofing (Interior)

AQUA-STOP This state-of the-art one component crystalline product is mixed with water is simple to apply and PERMANENTLY makes leaky basements a thing of the past.

AQUA BLOCK BB - A basement waterproofing product that is specially designed for brick and stone foundations. Ready to use just add water. When applied leaves a white matte finish that is ready to paint or panel.

Basement Waterproofing Specialty Products

DO-IT-ALL - A Multi-Purpose concentrated penetrating clear sealer that contains a high amount of Mildicide preventing the growth of mold and fungus used on both interior and exterior surfaces including drywall, paint, stucco, asphalt shingles, brick, plaster, concrete etc.


SUPER SEAL - Is a water based, ready-to-use, deep penetrating, sealer that incorporates the latest silane technology.  Super-Seal is a one step, low gloss sealer ideal for stone, brick and stucco SUPER SEAL uses advanced silane siloxane and expanded acrylic technology, which fills larger capillaries better than the normal siloxane above-grade concrete sealers. It is environmentally friendly and VOC compliant in all States (including California) and is safe and easy to apply and can be cleaned up using soap and water.

AQUA-STOP CRACK FILLER- A cementitious, waterproof repairing and sealing mortar ready to use, just add water to seal cracks up to 1. This deep penetrating crystalline product remains active for the life of the structure and is safe for areas in contact with potable water. This odorless, fumeless inorganic material can be applied to either damp or wet surfaces and has been tested to a depth of 200 feet. 


SUPER-STOP Stops leaks in 30 seconds. This ultra fast setting, chlorine free hydraulic cement can be applied dry to active leaks and will mix with the incoming water to stop the leak.


AQUA-WRAP A 6 mil, clear, reinforced extrusion laminate film consists of 2 layers of high strength polyethylene film is ideal for areas requiring a lightweight but highly tear resistant protective film.



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