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Foundation Waterproofing Products


Liquid rubber waterproofing membranes that provide seamless protection for your foundations

Fast and easy to apply, our economical waterproofing products save labor costs on the job site

GRAY COAT All Season Formula is a gray waterproofing membrane suitable for all seasons of the year and can be applied in temperatures down as low as minus-10F. It is ideal for concrete surfaces as it eliminates the problem of 'over spray'. Designed to blend in with the concrete surface, Gray Coat is a water based liquid, containing latex rubber that comes ready to use and cures to form a flexible coating that seals the surface and provides water and air barrier protection. It is also safe to use on ICF construction. And it comes with a 30-year transferable product warranty.
If you would like more information about Gray Coat concrete waterproofing product Click here!

ECO-FLEX rubber waterproofing coating is a water based, cold applied, liquid rubberized membrane that is highly flexible, solvent free and non-flammable. This very versatile product is ideal for concrete or block foundations and meets all the standards and new codes for liquid applied waterproof coatings. It has a very high rubber content and its flexibility means that it will move with the foundation as it settles and bridge small cracks up to 1/16" wide. It can be used anywhere that requires a seamless waterproof seal.  Eco-Flex is not only #1 in quality, but its economical price and speed of application make it #1 in value.  Coverage is 200 sq ft. per 5-gallons.  Comes with a 30-year transferable product warranty.

** ECO-FLEX is also available in All Season Formula (ASF) for applications as low as minus-15F

If you want an added extra protection to your foundation we are offering Aqua-Wrap - a heavy duty protective film which bonds with our products. Puncture and tear resistant for protecting waterproofing membrane and ICF blocks especially those that have gaps in the joins or holes in the forms.
More details about Aqua-Wrap here