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Aqua - Wrap Specialty Product

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waterproofing protection sheet Aqua-Wrap - an economical alternative to drainage/protection board, a 6mil, clear, four-layer polyethylene sheet with a diamond polyester scrim imbedded in the center. Aqua-Wrap is extremely tear and puncture resistant and is installed over our waterproofing membranes where it bonds with the waterproofing material to protect it from being punctured by rocky backfill material.

Aqua-Wrap provides excellent protection for ICF foundations as it bridges any large joins in the forms and prevents them from being damaged by aggressive backfilling. The product also serves as an air/vapor barrier with a permeability rating of 0.13 perms and gives an additional layer of waterproof protection as it has 32psi hydrostatic resistance.

At less than half the cost of most drainage or protection boards, Aqua-Wrap comes in easy to install rolls measuring 6' x 100' and is ideal for all areas that require a lightweight but highly tear resistant protective wrap.