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Basement Waterproofing                   

"GRAY-COAT: Latex liquid rubber basement waterproofing system that is ideal for Insulated Concrete Foundations (ICF) as well as standard poured and concrete block foundations"

Gray-Coat All Season Formula is a water based, liquid rubber waterproofing product suitable for all seasons of the year. Gray Coat is specially formulated for waterproofing ICF, concrete or block foundations.  Environmentally friendly and VOC compliant, Gray-Coat can be applied in temperatures down as low as 10F. 

Gray-Coat's cures to form a seamless, non-deteriorating rubber membrane that remains flexible and can easily bridge settlement cracks in concrete. One of the main advantages of this exceptional product is its gray color that blends naturally with the basement foundation, so over-spraying is no longer a problem, making it much easier for application.

Features & Benefits of Gray-Coat concrete waterproofing:

rubber coating
  • Contains no harmful solvents and is VOC compliant in all States and Canada
  • Cold applied - no special heating equipment required
  • Can be applied in temperatures down as low as 10F
  • Freeze/thaw tested to 4 cycles
  • Superior adhesion to all substrates
  • Fast cure - same day backfill is possible
  • Ease of application - airless sprayer, brush or roller
  • UV resistant for up to 12 months
  • No primer required
  • Impermeable - prevents water, moisture and vapor passage through the foundation

Gray-Coat All Seasons concrete waterproofing product comes "ready to use", with no stirring required, and can be applied with a standard airless sprayer, roller or brush. Its smooth texture and non-sag formulation make it suitable for vertical or sloped surfaces and its excellent adhesion, without the need for a primer, ensures that it bonds firmly with all substrates.

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Like all our products Gray-Coat comes with a

  • 30 Year Product Warranty!