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Aqua-Stop sealer for surfaces

Manufacturer Description

DO-IT-ALL is a multi-purpose clear acrylic penetrating sealer that can be used on all interior and exterior surfaces around the home. Whether you have old stucco that has gone powdery with age, flaking bricks or concrete, a wooden deck that has dried out, paint that is peeling, or a new interlocking-brick walkway or concrete driveway that you would like to protect, then DO-IT-ALL is the product you need.

It comes as a concentrate and is diluted with tap water at a rate of 3:1. It can be applied with a hand sprayer, brush or roller and the coverage when diluted is 275-300 sq. ft. per gallon. DO-IT-ALL can be applied to, brick drywall, stucco, metal, concrete, asphalt shingles, plaster, and wood.

Some of the uses for DO-IT-ALL include:


  • Fixing leaking roofs – spray or pour diluted DO-IT-ALL (2:1 dilution) onto the area of the roof with the leak and it will find the leak and seal it
  • Exterior waterproofing on stucco or as a treatment for restoring old stucco- reviving it for another 5+ years
  • Mold preventive spray – DO-IT-ALL contains high amount of mildicide and can be applied to either painted or unpainted drywall, to prevent mold.
  • Apply to basement walls before applying drywall to prevent mold growth and a musty smell
  • Seal the concrete floor in your garage to prevent dust and resist stains
  • Can be used over old peeling paint - remove any loose or blistered areas and then apply DO-IT-ALL before repainting
  • Restores clay or cement roof tiles that have been faded by the sun (CA, NM, FL etc.)

sealer and coating for all interior and exterior surfaces

With so many uses around your home, this product really does “DO-IT-ALL” Whether you’re protecting newly installed surfaces such as interlocking brickwork, preventing the growth of mold and fungus, or renovating your basement, DO-IT-ALL seals and protects to prevent damage from sun and weather, or restores old surfaces to look almost new again.

Not only is DO-IT-ALL versatile but its economical as well. A one gallon container of concentrate costs $95.00, including delivery. Just add tap water and you have 4 gallons of product – enough for 1,000 square feet of coverage! This means that each ready to use gallon of DO-IT-ALL costs $23.75 – THAT’S LESS THAN 9 CENTS A SQUARE FOOT, DELIVERED!! So forget about going to the crowded building center this weekend – just order DO-IT-ALL here and UPS will deliver it right to your door. What could be easier than that?

We have listed some of the uses for DO-IT-ALL around your home, but there are lots of others we probably haven’t thought of yet.
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